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A future in hybrid multi-cloud


The widespread adoption of hybrid multi-cloud strategies is currently one of the major trends within enterprise infrastructure platforms. This publication examines the factors driving enterprises toward the adoption of hybrid multi-cloud as a strategic choice. It assesses the maturity of tools and solutions facilitating this transition and explores how enterprises are cultivating talent to effectively support increasingly complex platforms.

Create value for your customers through technology

Enterprises that are focused on value make faster and better decisions, achieve outstanding business outcomes and drive customer loyalty. They also accomplish cost-optimization.

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We help clients realize the true value of cloud, data, software and talent by focusing on what really matters.


Looking at technology from a unidimensional perspective of cost optimization can limit broader benefits realization. We guide our clients to focus on value, enabling them to achieve growth and innovation, while achieving long-term cost benefits.

Unlock value

Release unrealized potential of your organization and people, deliver innovation and transformation, and drive growth

Realize the true potential of cloud

Achieve greater customer engagement, enhance performance and security, and bring about agility and flexibility.

Drive value with data-driven decisions

Acquire insights and intelligence.

Build flexibility with software license optimization

Realize benefits beyond cost and compliance.

Access talent that delivers results

Unleash your organization's and partners' talent.

Cloud procurement requires an understanding of organizational strategic purpose, understanding of technology and knowledge of Cloud Service Providers, along with IT procurement expertise. Futurewerk consultants demonstrated expertise in all these areas.


Financial Services Co., Frankfurt

Customer Impact

Futurewerk has been an incredibly nimble and collaborative partner to work with. They were able to accurately assess our needs and provided an approachable, knowledgeable expertise to help us build a competitive analytics and reporting offering. Futurewerk became an extension of our team and was very flexible as our needs evolved throughout our partnership. The solutions that were built and maintained by Futurewerk helped us retain existing clients and acquire new prospects.

Ben Behrman & Jack Hennessy

Schafer Condon Carter

One way of looking at software license optimization is organizing a cluttered house. Another way is to analyze what is required (short term & long term) and dispose off unwanted things. Futurewerk helped us do exactly that.

IT Director

Manufacturing Co., London

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