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Realize the true potential of cloud

Cloud Orientation

Gather insights and thoughts from various teams across organization and align teams around common purpose and vision for cloud through our orientation sessions.

Cloud Strategy

Articulate vision and business objectives, perform thorough assessment of infrastructure and applications, and evaluate dependencies to craft a robust business case, strategy and roadmap by using our proven methodology and tools.

Cloud Procurement

Select your cloud service providers and partners through our well-defined process and framework to evaluate each provider's strengths and weaknesses, value added services offered, rebates and discounts, contractual flexibility and many other factors.

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Reports and Dashboards Development

Gain insights into business, revenues, sales, marketing, operations and many others areas with our expertise.

Dashboard Optimization

Optimize dashboard performance across various levels from architecture to data model to semantic layer with our solutions.



Drive value with data-driven decisions

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Talent and Capabilities

Access talent that delivers results

Outsourcing Value Realization

Restructure your outsourcing contracts to align with your current business objectives through our sourcing expertise

Global Capability Centers

Move up the value chain and transform your global capability centers with our services:

Performance Audit

Gain an understanding of performance of your capability center

Market Best Practices

Learn about market best practices

Teams Alignment

Bring your teams at parent organization and capability center to achieve higher performance

Strategy and Transformation

Operating model design and implementation

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Software License Optimization

Perform license optimization assessment utilizing our approach that goes beyond cost and compliance



Build flexibility with software license optimization

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